Looking to up your grilling game in 2023? Look no further! We’ve scoured the market to bring you the ultimate combo grill and smoker units that will take your outdoor cooking experience to new heights. Get ready for a sizzling combination of mouthwatering flavors and cutting-edge technology.

Our top picks for the best grill/smoker combos in 2023 showcase the latest advancements in combustion process, digital features, and high-end specifications. Whether you’re a seasoned pitmaster or just starting out, these gen-next combo units are designed to make your barbecue dreams come true.

In addition to their impressive specs, these combo grills offer versatility like never before. From traditional charcoal smokers to state-of-the-art electric options, there’s a perfect fit for every type of outdoor cook. So get fired up and join us as we explore the best grill/smoker combos for 2023!

Note: The term “combo grill” refers to a combination of both a grill and smoker in one unit.

Traeger Pro Series Grill: A Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker

Looking for the best grill/smoker combo in 2023? Look no further than the Traeger Pro Series Grill. This wood pellet grill and smoker combo offers a convenient and versatile cooking experience that will elevate your grilling game to new heights.

Experience the convenience of a wood pellet grill and smoker combo

The Traeger Pro Series Grill combines the best of both worlds by offering the convenience of a grill and smoker in one unit. With this pellet smoker grill, you can easily switch between grilling, smoking, baking, roasting, braising, and barbecuing with just a turn of a dial. No more juggling different equipment or struggling to maintain consistent temperatures – this all-in-one solution has got you covered.

Enjoy precise temperature control for perfect results every time

One of the standout features of the Traeger Pro Series Grill is its precise temperature control. With its advanced digital controller, you can set your desired temperature with accuracy within a range from 180°F to 450°F (82°C to 232°C). This level of control ensures that your food is cooked to perfection every time, whether you’re slow-smoking ribs or searing steaks.

Explore the versatility of cooking with wood pellets

Wood pellets are at the heart of this grill’s performance. They infuse your food with delicious smoky flavors while providing consistent heat for even cooking. The Traeger Pro Series Grill allows you to experiment with various types of wood pellets such as hickory, mesquite, applewood, or cherrywood to create unique flavor profiles for different meats and dishes. Whether you prefer bold and robust flavors or subtle hints of smoke, this pellet grill gives you endless options.

Discover why Traeger is a trusted brand among grill enthusiasts

Traeger has earned its reputation as one of the most trusted brands among grill enthusiasts for good reason. Their commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction is evident in every aspect of their products. The Pro Series Grill is built with durable materials, ensuring longevity and reliability. It also features a meat probe that allows you to monitor the internal temperature of your food without lifting the lid, ensuring perfect results every time.

Royal Gourmet Charcoal Grill with Offset Smoker

Unleash your inner pitmaster with the Royal Gourmet Charcoal Grill with Offset Smoker, a remarkable charcoal grill and offset smoker combo that will take your outdoor cooking to the next level. This versatile appliance allows you to achieve authentic smoky flavors and cook up delicious meals for large gatherings.

One of the standout features of this charcoal grill smoker combo is its offset firebox design. By placing the firebox on the side of the main cooking chamber, it creates a separate area for indirect heat. This means you can slow-cook your favorite meats using the offset smoker while simultaneously grilling other items directly over the charcoal fire. The result is tender, juicy meat infused with rich smoky flavors.

With its spacious cooking area, this grill smoker combo is perfect for entertaining family and friends during backyard parties or weekend cookouts. You’ll have ample space to cook multiple dishes at once, ensuring that everyone’s cravings are satisfied without any delays. Whether you’re grilling burgers, smoking ribs, or roasting a whole chicken, this charcoal grill smoker combo has got you covered.

Durability is an essential aspect when investing in a grill smoker combo, and Royal Gourmet delivers on that front. Constructed with high-quality materials, this unit is built to withstand the test of time and frequent use. The easy-to-use features make it suitable for both seasoned barbecue enthusiasts and beginners alike.

The Royal Gourmet Charcoal Grill with Offset Smoker comes equipped with various accessories and functionalities that enhance your cooking experience. Some notable features include:

  • Digital Charcoal Grill: This innovative feature allows you to monitor and control the temperature digitally, ensuring precise heat management for optimal results.
  • Grill Grate Options: The grill grate offers flexibility by providing different height levels for various types of cooking. Adjusting the grate position allows you to sear steaks at high heat or slow-cook delicate foods with lower temperatures.
  • Charcoal Basket and Smoker Box: These accessories help you achieve the perfect balance of heat and smoke. The charcoal basket ensures efficient fuel usage, while the smoker box allows you to add wood chips for enhanced smoky flavors.
  • Kamado Style Grill: Inspired by traditional Japanese cooking, this grill design provides excellent insulation, allowing for precise temperature control and even heat distribution. It’s perfect for low-and-slow smoking or high-heat grilling.

Royal Gourmet stands out as a reliable brand known for its exceptional quality. Their commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail make their products highly sought after by barbecue enthusiasts worldwide.

Weber Smokey Joe Mountain Cooker: A Portable Option for Smoking and Grilling

Take your grilling adventures on-the-go with the Weber Smokey Joe Mountain Cooker, a portable combo unit that allows you to enjoy the convenience of both smoking and grilling in one compact device. Whether you’re camping, tailgating, or having a picnic in the park, this versatile grill/smoker combo is perfect for outdoor cooking enthusiasts.

Weber is renowned for its quality craftsmanship, and the Smokey Joe Mountain Cooker is no exception. Despite its smaller size, it delivers exceptional performance and durability. This portable grill/smoker combo is designed to provide you with an authentic smoky flavor that will satisfy your taste buds wherever you go.

One of the standout features of this grill smokers combo unit is its smoking capabilities. With a built-in electric smoker, you can easily slow smoke your favorite meats to perfection. The combination of heat and wood chips infuses the meat with a rich smoky flavor that will have your friends and family begging for more. Whether you’re using the gas grill or the digital charcoal grill, this unit is a good grill for all your barbecue needs.

In addition to its smoking capabilities, the Weber Smokey Joe Mountain Cooker also functions as a kettle grill. This means you can quickly switch from smoking to grilling by simply removing the smoker attachment. The large cooking area allows you to prepare multiple dishes at once, making it ideal for hosting barbecues or gatherings.

This grill/smoker combo shines. Its compact size and lightweight design make it easy to transport wherever your adventures take you. Whether you’re heading to a campsite or setting up in your backyard, the Weber Smokey Joe Mountain Cooker can be effortlessly moved around.

The versatility of this unit extends beyond just smoking and grilling. It’s compatible with various accessories such as rotisseries and pizza stones, allowing you to expand your outdoor cooking options even further. With the addition of gas smokers or drum smokers, you can experiment with different cooking techniques and flavors.

Weber has a reputation for producing long-lasting grills and smokers. The Smokey Joe Mountain Cooker is built to withstand the elements and provide consistent performance year after year. Its sturdy construction ensures that it can handle the rigors of outdoor cooking without compromising its functionality.

Masterbuilt Gravity Series Review and Kamado Joe Classic II:

The Masterbuilt Gravity Series and the Kamado Joe Classic II are two top-notch options for those seeking the best grill/smoker combo in 2023. Both models deliver exceptional performance in both grilling and smoking, but they have unique features that set them apart. Let’s dive into a detailed review of each to help you decide which one suits your needs best.

Masterbuilt Gravity Series: Effortless Charcoal Grilling Combined with Smoking Capabilities

The Masterbuilt Gravity Series is renowned for its effortless charcoal grilling combined with smoking capabilities. One standout feature of this model is the gravity-fed charcoal hopper, which automatically feeds charcoal into the firebox as needed. This innovative design ensures consistent heat and eliminates the need for constant monitoring and refueling.

Another advantage of the Masterbuilt Gravity series is its versatility. With temperature control ranging from 225°F to 700°F, it allows you to experiment with various cooking techniques, from low and slow smoking to high-temperature searing. Whether you’re craving tender ribs or perfectly grilled steaks, this grill/smoker combo has got you covered.

In terms of build quality, the Masterbuilt Gravity series impresses with its sturdy construction. The heavy-gauge steel body ensures durability and longevity, making it a reliable investment for barbecue enthusiasts. It features a large cooking area that can accommodate ample amounts of food for gatherings or family meals.

Customer reviews also speak highly of the Masterbuilt Gravity series’ ease of use. The digital control panel simplifies temperature adjustments, while the integrated meat probe lets you monitor your food’s internal temperature without lifting the lid. These convenient features make it suitable for both beginners and experienced pitmasters alike.

Kamado Joe Classic II: Excellent Heat Retention with Ceramic Construction

If excellent heat retention is what you seek, then look no further than the Kamado Joe Classic II. This grill/smoker combo stands out due to its ceramic construction, which helps maintain consistent temperatures throughout the cooking process. The thick walls and tight seal of the Kamado Joe Classic II make it highly efficient in retaining heat and moisture, resulting in succulent and flavorful dishes.

The versatility of the Kamado Joe Classic II is also worth noting. It excels in both low and slow smoking as well as high-temperature grilling. The precise airflow control allows you to fine-tune the temperature with ease, giving you full control over your cooking experience. Whether you’re smoking a brisket or searing a juicy steak, this grill/smoker combo delivers fantastic results.

In terms of build quality, the Kamado Joe Classic II exceeds expectations. The ceramic body not only provides excellent insulation but also ensures durability for years to come. Its innovative Divide & Conquer cooking system offers flexibility by allowing different heat zones simultaneously, enabling you to cook multiple items at different temperatures.

Customer reviews rave about the Kamado Joe Classic II’s performance and reliability. Many users appreciate its ability to maintain steady temperatures for extended periods without constant adjustments. Furthermore, its user-friendly design makes it accessible to beginners while satisfying the demands of seasoned grillmasters.

Char-Broil Deluxe Electric Smoker: An Overview:

The Char-Broil Deluxe Electric Smoker is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a hassle-free smoking experience. This easy-to-use electric smoker takes all the guesswork out of cooking with grill smokers combo, allowing you to enjoy perfectly smoked food every time.

One of the top features of the Char-Broil Deluxe Electric Smoker is its digital controller, which provides precise temperature control. With just a few simple adjustments, you can set your desired temperature and let the smoker do the rest. Whether you’re smoking ribs, brisket, or even fish, this smoker ensures consistent heat throughout the cooking process.

The convenience of set-it-and-forget-it smoking is another highlight of this electric grill smokers combo. Once you’ve set your desired temperature, there’s no need to constantly monitor the grill combo. You can spend more time cooking and enjoying food with your family and friends while the Char-Broil Deluxe Electric Smoker works its magic.

For beginners or those who prefer a simpler smoking experience, this electric smoker is an excellent choice. It eliminates the need for charcoal or propane, making it easier than ever to achieve delicious smoked flavors. The user-friendly design allows anyone to become a master at smoking their favorite meats and vegetables.

The Char-Broil Deluxe Electric Smoker offers a wide range of benefits that make it stand out from other smokers on the market. Its digital controls provide precise temperature adjustments, ensuring that your food is cooked to perfection every time. Its spacious interior can accommodate large cuts of meat or multiple racks of ribs.

With its sleek design and durable construction, this electric smoker not only performs well but also looks great in any backyard or patio setting. The Char-Broil Deluxe Electric Smoker combines functionality with style to enhance your outdoor cooking experience.

Pros and Cons: What We Like and Don’t Like About Grill/Smoker Combos:

Advantages of Having a Grill/Smoker Combo in Your Backyard

Having a grill/smoker combo in your backyard offers a range of benefits that can enhance your outdoor cooking experience. One of the major advantages is the versatility it provides. With a grill/smoker combo, you have the option to cook using direct heat on the grill or slow-cook your food with indirect heat in the smoker. This flexibility allows you to experiment with different cooking techniques and flavors, making it an ideal choice for those who love to explore their culinary skills.

Another significant benefit is the convenience factor. Instead of investing in separate grills and smokers, having a combo unit saves space and eliminates the need for multiple equipment. It streamlines your outdoor cooking setup, making it easier to manage and maintain. You won’t have to worry about finding storage space for two separate units or constantly switching between them during your barbecue sessions.

Furthermore, grill/smoker combos are known for their ability to enhance the flavor of your food. The combination of grilling and smoking allows you to infuse delicious smoky flavors into your meats while still achieving that classic grilled taste. Whether you’re smoking ribs, brisket, or simply grilling burgers, this dual functionality ensures that each bite is packed with mouthwatering goodness.

Potential Drawbacks to Consider

While there are many advantages to owning a grill/smoker combo, it’s important to consider some potential drawbacks before making your purchase decision.

One downside could be the size of these units. Grill/smoker combos tend to be larger than standalone grills or smokers due to their combined functionality. This means they may require more space in your backyard or patio area. Before buying one, make sure you have enough room available and consider any potential limitations regarding installation or mobility.

Cost can also be a factor when considering a grill/smoker combo. As these units offer dual functionality, they often come at a higher price point compared to standalone grills or smokers. However, it’s essential to weigh the cost against the convenience and versatility you’ll gain from having both features in one unit.

Maintenance requirements are another aspect to keep in mind. Grill/smoker combos may require more upkeep than single-function grills or smokers due to their complex design. Regular cleaning, seasoning, and maintenance of both the grill and smoker components are necessary to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

The Best Grill/Smoker Combo 2023:

In conclusion,There are several top contenders that stand out. The Traeger Pro Series Grill offers the versatility of a wood pellet grill and smoker, providing delicious flavors in every bite. For those who prefer charcoal grilling with an offset smoker, the Royal Gourmet Charcoal Grill is a fantastic option.

If portability is a priority, the Weber Smokey Joe Mountain Cooker is worth considering. This portable option allows you to enjoy smoking and grilling on-the-go without compromising on taste. On the other hand, if you’re looking for innovative features like the Masterbuilt Gravity Series Review or the Kamado Joe Classic II, both deliver exceptional performance and convenience.

For those who prefer electric smokers, the Char-Broil Deluxe Electric Smoker offers an overview of its capabilities. While each option has its own strengths and weaknesses, it ultimately comes down to personal preference and specific needs.

In summary, whether you prioritize flavor, convenience, or portability in your grill/smoker combo, there are excellent choices available for 2023. Consider your cooking style and requirements before making a decision. Don’t forget to explore customer reviews and ratings to gain insights from others’ experiences.

Now that you have an overview of some of the best grill/smoker combos for 2023, it’s time to take action! Choose the one that aligns with your preferences and start enjoying delicious grilled and smoked meals right in your backyard or wherever your adventures take you.


Q: Can I use wood chips instead of pellets in a wood pellet grill?

A: No, wood pellet grills are specifically designed to use wood pellets as their fuel source. Using wood chips can cause issues with temperature control and may not provide optimal results.

Q: How long does it take to assemble a grill/smoker combo?

A: The assembly time can vary depending on the specific model and your level of experience. It’s best to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for estimated assembly times.

Q: Can I use a grill/smoker combo indoors?

A: No, grill/smoker combos are designed for outdoor use only. Using them indoors can pose safety risks due to smoke and potential fire hazards.

Q: Are charcoal grills more difficult to clean compared to electric or gas grills?

A: Charcoal grills generally require more effort in terms of cleaning due to ash buildup and residue from the charcoal briquettes. However, regular maintenance and proper cleaning techniques can make the process easier.

Q: Can I leave my grill/smoker combo outside during winter months?

A: It is generally recommended to protect your grill/smoker combo from extreme weather conditions, especially during winter. Consider using a cover or storing it in a sheltered area to prevent damage caused by snow, ice, and freezing temperatures.


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